Gringo In Belize

A Little About the Band

Dennis Wolfe, Our Fearless Leader

Dennis wrote and recorded such island music as "Gringo in Belize", "Blame it on Buffet" and Elvis is Alive and Well Down in Belize. He has played with a multitude of musicians here in San Pedro, and has a unique ability to spot potential and nurture talent in new and budding musicians. He calls it "growing his own band". So when you see a bunch of youths gathered around watching him like hungry beach dogs at a tourists' dinner table, they are just learning at Dennis Wolfe's Beach Academy of Music.

Dennis plays all the instruments in the band, but his first love has always been the bass. Unfortunately for him he always ends up teaching new bass players, so he excels at making sweet music on his Epiphone Studio Dot.

In 2014, after a year of recovery from an illness, he is back on track giging 3 nights a as one half of the islands most popular duo.

Currently he is writing and recording his last album, in collaboration with the love of his life and partner in music, Sherry Moore-Wolfe. Check back often for the release  date. 

Sherry Moore-Wolfe

Sherry came to the island in January 2006 after travelling a year to find the right place to call home. After settling in, starting a restaurant and becoming a permanent island resident, she developed a thirst for music that would not be denied.  She started singing with the band in January of 2007 but Dennis thought she needed to work a little harder. She first learned the keyboard and blues harp. By the end of 2007, Sherry was a full time member of the band, and she quietly closed the restaurant to become the bass player/lead vocalist. And she found her calling, rocking on a beautiful little Italia Rimini bass guitar. Six nights a week she keeps the Wolfe tradition of music in SanPedro. Check the calendar for nights and locations

In April of 2014 she married Dennis and now they play around the island as a family duo.



 Konrad Gonzalez


 Not only does he play a mean set of drums, he is an extraordinary athlete, winning softball awards both in Belize and helping the team get to the National Championships last year in Panama. And Dennis has known him since he was in diapers because his dad played both drums and bass as a Suspect himself.

In September of 2014 he went off to college on the mainland but still has a seat waiting for him behind the drums when he comes home for holidays.

Dangerous Dale Wallace


One of the original suspects, Dale is a San Pedro favorite wherever he plays. The cold winters of Flin Flon Manitoba are far behind as he amazes the crowd with his sweet guitar stylings at such places as Fido's and Ramon's Village. He has called San Pedro home for over 30 years and has a son who is also a musician on the island. A premier luthier, he handcrafts classical guitars from local exotic woods, so if you are interested in a unique instrument, be sure to see him when you are in town.


Scott is a guitar wizard who came to Belize about 13 years ago. He lives on the quiet little island of Caye Caulker, where, in his spare time, he teaches guitar at the school there. He can rip it up, and just loves to play. We don't get to play with him very often but when we do it is a hot old time in the town



What the father taught, the son took to heart and perfected.  An extraordinary lead guitar player, he also plays the bass and drums. Watch out for him, he will have his own band someday.

All grown up and in college in the States, he plays with his dad when he gets home on the holidays. In Ohio he gives guitar lessons and runs a couple of open mic jams while taking a full course load at Ohio State.